It was on my commute home from work one evening that I first came up with the idea of #smilewithastranger. Our wonderfully diverse society is no more obvious than when travelling around London, hopping on and off the tube alongside hundreds of other people, each one of us with places to go and people to see. Unfortunately, however, there is a lack of communication among strangers and a huge number of people that go unnoticed everyday and this is something that I have always considered a shame.

So I decided to set up #smilewithastranger, a hashtag intended to celebrate brilliant people doing brilliant things and to champion those that go unnoticed. I take photos with people I meet, ask their name and job title (if relevant) and then post the selfies on my Instagram account. The strangers can be anyone from a ticket barrier officer to a waitress and I have never met any of them before. It’s a great way to meet new and interesting people and it makes the strangers happy too.

Follow me on Instagram to meet the strangers, or simply type in the hashtag #smilewithastranger. Please like and share as many of the photos as possible as it might just reach one of the strangers!

Meet the strangers:

Samantha x