May Highlights: freebies, a magic light and the things I hate about running

Well hello there! Can you believe it’s been a whole month since my last one of these. Which means it’s been a whole month since I started my new job at the HBC! And a whole month of foodie shenanigans which, with this being a food blog and all, is probs my favourite part.

Actually no, the magic light is my favourite part, but more on that later!

That man hand is Alex

This morning I’m slurping on an oat milk latte, made at home, using the super scrummy Oatly barista milk  and my favourite appliance in the flat: my Nespresso machine. So grab yourself a drink and let’s get cracking.

No sponsored products featured in this post.


As part of my job, I get rather a lot of freebies, which is delightful! So, at the risk of boring and annoying you all, I’m going to share a few.

Just scroll on past if you don’t wanna know.

Although also don’t scroll on past because they’ve all been amazing and if you’re looking for something super trendy to buy (that’s right, I’m trendy now) then you’re gonna want to nosy at this list!

May highlights pics-9.jpg
My box of goodies
May highlights pics-15.jpg
Crazy right!?
  • A whole load of kombucha – which I don’t think I like by the way, so if you fancy 4 kombuchas for free let me know
  • Some of the season’s best British asparagus thanks to @enjoyasparagus – yes they were giving out big fat bundles for free!
  • 3 super scrummy Eat First meals from their new Ocado range, all of which were microwaveable and ready in less than 5 minutes. If you want healthy, pre-prepped meals delivered to your door then this is definitely worth trying!
May highlights pics-6.jpg
Teriyaki tofu, which was delicious

Things I hate about running

Yes I know this is May ‘highlights’, but running is pretty much all I’ve been doing with my time and I would be lying if I said I’ve enjoyed every minute. And yes my blog is supposed to be a positive patch of the internet, but honesty is important (plus the training has been positive overall) so I’m going to jump right in and talk about all the things I hate. Buckle up.

Bad runs

They’re really extremely rubbish and make me feel cross and grouchy and sad. Exercise is supposed to relieve stress and leave you feeling upbeat and energised, but a bad run does the complete opposite. It sets set me up for the worst day ever, AND makes it super hard to get back out there, not to mention making it impossible to see myself ever finishing the race.

But, it’s only happened a handful of times and is (eventually) followed by a good run. Plus, nothing good ever came easy right? Life would be boring if it did.

Harissa chickpea couscous-3
Not my ankles, but a striking resemblance…

Heartburn and other digestive niggles

I really don’t like this one. Whenever I’m nervous, or stressed, or tired, or anything, I always feel it in my tummy first. And running has been no exception. It’s no surprise that my gut has taken a bit of a bashing, considering it jolts up and down with every step I take, but I hadn’t considered the aches and discomfort I could get just from going for a jog!

The heartburn has been the worst, and gives me no choice but to walk until it’s passed, which is frustrating. It tends to only be an issue when I train in the evening, so I’ve avoided that wherever possible, but it still sometimes appears out of nowhere.

Otherwise I’ve felt super achey and bloated after some of my longer runs as my body gets used to the ridiculous amount of running I’ve put it through.

Ahh it’s all fun and games!

My toenail fell off

I think that’s enough said on that one.

On a positive note

The training has been tough and it would’ve been amazingly easy to give up based on the above. BUT there’s a saving grace. And that is the two incredible charities that Alex and I are running for.

Alex is running for Cancer Research UK and his fundraising page is here.

I am running for End Youth Homelessness and my fundraising page is here.

If you’d like to donate then please do! Every penny is much appreciated by both charities, so anything you can give will be life changing. A big fat thank you in advance!

And wish us luck tomorrow…

me and alex
We seriously need some more pictures. But it’s outside and we’d just been surfing so it’ll do.

May recipes

It’s also been a great month recipe wise! My all-time favourite brunch recipe landed, so read and make and eat that as soon as you possibly can. Also, the three ingredient banana breakfast bars have proved very popular and really are as simple as they sound, so have a nosy at those too. Ooh and the #Lunchbox series saw the return of the couscous which was fun (and delicious).

Lots of yummy, happy, healthy things to eat.

Kale and chorizo hash with a fried egg-8
Yes yes yes

The weather

As I said last month, this is not small talk, because seriously what’s going on in the world!? In my April highlights I actually discussed the SNOW, and this month we couldn’t have been further from it. Sunny blue skies and soaring temperatures, followed by the most extreme lightning storm I’ve ever seen! Still totally unsure how I should dress myself in the morning and most days I get it wrong.

But loving it nonetheless.

Other things that were super great fun this month

The HBC Summit – credit: @annarachphotography
  • I was on the radio! More on that here.
  • The HBC successfully hosted a humungous health blogger event with lots of amazing speakers and workshops and networking and food (that’s where half of the freebies came from) and it was great! If you’re not sure who the HBC are or what we do then have a nosy here. We’re a huge community of bloggers all supporting and helping each other to grow and you should definitely get in on the action.
  • Bank holidays. They’re super fun!
  • I experimented with my first Lush shampoo bar. It is luxuriously foamy and smells divine and there’s no plastic whatsoever, which is amazing! I’ll definitely be heading back for more, although not for a while as apparently the bars last forever!

And that’s it my wonderful foodie friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed the crazy weather as much as I have this month and enjoyed hearing an honest update about my half marathon training (sorry about the toenail bit). See you again soon, no doubt with a scrummy new recipe or my next monthly update.

Samantha x


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  1. Pamela Ridgway, Circle Coach for IIN says:

    Hi Sam,
    So enjoy your monthly newsletter! Keep it up – you are a very inspiring young woman.
    Pamela (your IIN Circle Coach)

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  2. samanthacouzens95 says:

    Hi Pamela, thank you so much! I love to hear that people are reading and enjoying my blog posts 🙂 I hope you’re well xx

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