My current fitness goals and where to find the freebies!

So I’ve been wanting to talk about fitness for a while and have had ‘My Current Fitness Routine’ written in my blog book as a potential title for ages.

Problem is that implies I have a regular routine that I stick to, which, ha, I don’t!

Instead, I’m one of those people who exercises 4 times a week for one week and vows to do it forever, letting NOTHING, not even horrible rainy weather stop me, before inevitably deciding sometime in the second week that it’s too early, too rainy and 4 times is too much anyway, cause God forbid I ever got ‘muscly’. Then not exercise for weeks.


Fitness ‘goals’ however, fitness goals I have! So let’s dive in shall we?

I promise I won’t let the exercise puns run away with me. Core that was close.


Goal number 1 – Develop a fitness routine

Harissa chickpea couscous-4
Is it bad that I’m more excited about the stationary than the exercise…

LOL if only I could develop a realistic and flexible, yet consistent fitness routine. That would be fantastic.

See goals 2, 3, 4 and 5 for how that’s gonna happen.


Goal number 2 – Finish the half marathon, then keep running 

(not immediately after the race, obviously)

Harissa chickpea couscous-3
Not my feet, but a pretty good look-a-like I’d say!

Ironically, with my training, I’ve accidentally established a routine!

See, in order for my boyfriend and I to complete the race on the 3rdJune it turns out we have to practice quite a lot, and by that I mean three 40 minute runs and one big fat long run every week. That’s 20 plus miles every 7 days! If only the half marathon was accumulative…

In all seriousness though, I’m really enjoying my training. I have LOVED seeing how far I can push my body (which turns out is way further than I thought) and I feel happy and strong when I do it. Plus the post-run brunch we have every Sunday morning is definitely worth the miles I have to run to get it.*

*Recipe on its way this Saturday

Because of how super fun it is (I’m still being serious) I would love for running to become something I ‘do’, even after the half marathon is over. It’s free exercise, it’s a great way to get some air, and a brilliant way to explore the city. So if I can get a lovely long run in at least once every 2 weeks (post-race) then I’ll be happy.

Maybe even squeeze an extra jog in there too…


Goal number 3 – Make the most of the free stuff

Harissa chickpea couscous-5
Yoga for £3.50? Yes please!

It’s a well-known fact that London exercise classes are expensive. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a freebie (or at least a cheapy) if you’re looking for one. My favourite spot is Studio 152, Brick Lane – the Adidas Womens’ studio. It’s completely free, the classes change every week and there are some really fun and creative workouts brought to you by badass instructors.

I reckon one class a week will do me plenty.

Head to their website if you fancy signing up. It’s entirely free and once you’re a member you get to chill in their swanky Shoreditch café whenever you like. I mean that’s reason enough!


Another London delight is donation yoga and there’s one just 2 minutes from my flat. Yay! It’s a 45 minutes class on a Monday evening and is a real community affair, bringing different people together through a shared love of moving their bodies. It’s really rather lovely.

HOWEVER, I’ve only been twice. And the reason being..? I never have any cash. Which is obviously ridiculous because I only need to scrape about £3.50 together and I have a whole week between classes to do so. Meaning I’m just gonna have to adult a bit better and stop coming up with silly excuses. Yoga is good for me.


Goal number 4 – Keep it social

Harissa chickpea couscous
Exercise + friends = fun, right?

It’s a well-known fact that exercise is easier with a buddy, so goal number 4 is to exercise with friends. Or failing that, people in general. As long as I do some form of exercise once a week with more than just myself I’ll be happy.

Adidas Women’s and donation yoga should help with that.

Goal number 5 – Lift weights

Yep, they’ll do nicely for now

My main aim when it comes to fitness (aside from feeling fit and healthy in general) is to become a strong badass human. And because I’m a small human, I like to surprise people who assume small body means small dreams.

My favourite way to do that? Lift weights at the gym.

Since starting my half marathon training however, I’ve kind of forgotten about the gym. I was getting really good at going 3 times a week, then the runs came along and I couldn’t maintain that level of exercise.

So my fifth and final goal is to get back in that gym and kick ass. After all, I do pay for it…!


Quick recap!

  • Goal 1 – develop a fitness routine
  • Goal 2 – 1 long run and 1 easy jog every 2 weeks
  • Goal 3a – 1 Adidas Women’s class a week
  • Goal 3b – get cash out (so I can go to donation yoga)
  • Goal 4 – make friends at 3a and 3b
  • Goal 5 – lift some hefty weights once a week

So that’s 3 exercise sessions a week, plus an extra run here and there. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I’ve got myself a routine…

Quick progress update: Goal 1 = done

Anyway, enough about me! I want to hear from you. What are your current fitness goals? Have you got any recommendations for free/cheap spots in London? Maybe you’re a pro weight lifter and could share some tips on how to get started? Whatever it is, let me know. I love love love hearing from you.

Samantha x

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