Brunch at Bühler and Co – a.k.a veggie heaven





Brunch is one of my favourite things to do EVER. D’you wanna know why..?

a) its name ACTUALLY allows for a meal the size of two meals

and b) it’s almost always shared with friends.


Food and friends is, to me, sheer, unadulterated joy. Especially when that food is baked eggs and sourdough; and those friends are kind and as hungry as me!

A match made in Saturday heaven. I give you Bühler and Co.


Buhler and Co interiors
Inside Bühler and Co – photo taken from their website 


Let me paint you a picture.

It’s a crisp September morning. The sun is shining and the stomachs are rumbling. Four friends meet and head to brunch, passing antique furniture shops and traditional food stalls on their way. Food is nigh. And I mean GOOD food.

The first ‘tick’ on Bühler and Co’s list was the number of smiley people enjoying their food. The place was packed, in a good way.

The second ‘tick’ was the interior. We wandered through the coffee and cake section at the front, past the kitchen, and out to a covered seating area at the back, complete with pot plants and decking. Scandi furniture with hairpin-leg tables and small copper pots for the salt and pepper. It was beautiful.

The third ‘tick’ was the cucumber infused water. In a carafe. Yes please.


Photo taken from the Bühler and Co website 


A few further ticks:

  • The cakes. Caramel pecan banana bread, cinnamon buns, flourless chocolate brownie, custard tarts, cookies, pastr… oops, sorry! I seem to have drooled all over you.
  • It’s a dedicated veggie spot (veggicated, if you will), with several vegan options too
  • Every dish has a surprising twist, inspired by cuisines from around the world
  • Oh and the COFFEE! The best oat milk latte I’ve ever had.


Photo taken from the Bühler and Co website 


So, to the brunch.

Deciding on what to eat took quite a while as every option made my jaw hit the table and love hearts pop out of my eyes. I settled on the avo on toast (and before you groan, no. This was unlike any avocado on toast you’ve ever seen, served with pickled red onion, poached egg, feta and leaves, made by the very hands of God) – only to hear the weekend special was baked eggs with butternut squash and celeriac, which rather put a spanner in the works.

To cut a long and mouth-watering story short, I went for the weekend special. The baked eggs. (There, you regret rolling your eyes when I said avo on toast now don’t you!) Complete with barley, celeriac and butternut squash in a gorgeous tomatoey sauce, topped with beautifully baked eggs, a handful of crispy shallots and a sprinkle of coriander. Plus a side of sourdough toast. Mm hmm.


Baked eggs 1
Baked eggs ft. cute copper pots and an oat milk latte


My hungry companions also chose well – one of them going for the baked eggs like me and the other two going for the veggie fry up consisting of (take a breath, you’ve gotta be ready for this) fried corn and polenta cake, egg, haloumi, garlic butter spinach, beef tomato, smashed avocado, house-made BBQ and black-bean sauce, and paratha. I know!


So to sum up, get your arse down to Bühler and Co and eat as much as you possibly can. You won’t regret it. I swear.


Samantha x



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