Fruit-infused water

I’ve never been very good at drinking enough water. As a kid I remember being pulled to one side throughout the day by members of my family or the mums at my play dates and encouraged to drink a glass of water and I hated it. Unless reminded, I would go the entire day without a drink and I’d do anything I could to get out of finishing my glass. My parents inevitably turned to squash, just to get some water in me.

Even now I have to remind myself to drink. Staying hydrated is crucial to good health so I’m always looking for ways to up my H20 intake. Popping some fruit into a glass not only makes it taste slightly more interesting, it also increases the nutrient count and gets a good boost of vitamins into your system. Plus you can eat the fruit afterwards which is a great little bonus!

Here are my top 5 favourite ways of adding a little extra something to my daily water:


(Clockwise from the top)


Lime, lemon and orange – citrus infused water is brilliant for digestion and wonderfully refreshing, making it a great choice for the morning.

Thinly slice the lime, lemon and orange and add to a glass or bottle of water.



Strawberries, basil and lemon – basil is a brilliant stress-buster and anti-inflammatory herb that boosts immunity and helps to protect us from disease.

Add some sliced strawberries and lemon and pop into a glass or bottle of water with a handful of basil leaves.




Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries – berries are packed full of antioxidants which help to prevent illness and keep the memory sharp.

Pop some fresh or frozen berries into a glass or bottle of water.




Strawberries, cucumber, lime and mint – this one’s a great palette cleanser thanks to the fresh taste of cucumber and lime, plus a powerful boost of vitamin C.

Add some sliced strawberries, cucumber and lime and pop into a glass or bottle of water with a handful of mint leaves.



Mango, blueberries and lime – this tropical infusion is brilliant for nourishing and revitalising the skin to help achieve that healthy glow.

Cut the mango into reasonably thin slices, add fresh or frozen raspberries and a couple of slices of lime to a glass or bottle of water.




Samantha x

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  1. RisFit says:

    I love fruit infused water! Awesome post!


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