Meet Sofia



The story behind the stranger: This story is the best one yet. I hopped onto the tube at Covent Garden station just as the doors were closing and pretty much bumped into Sofia. When I looked up to apologise I realised we were wearing the same scarf. I told her she was wearing a great scarf and she laughed and said I was too. We laughed about how the fluff from the scarf always gets stuck on things and how frustrating it is, then fell silent for a while. We just so happened to be getting off at the same stop, so once we were off the train I told Sofia about #smilewithastranger and asked her if she wanted to take part. She said she loved the idea, was happy to have a picture with me and we continued to talk all the way through the station, exchanging our Instagram handles so we could stay in touch. It turns out we have a lot in common, work only minutes away from each other and are due to go for a coffee sometime soon. I’ve really got my money’s worth with that scarf!

I set up #smilewithastranger in order to celebrate brilliant people doing brilliant things and to champion those that go unnoticed. I take photos with people I meet, ask their name and job title (if relevant) and then post the selfies on my Instagram account.

Click here to meet the strangers, or here to read more about my idea.

Samantha x

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