Meet Gareth


Gareth – Revenue Control Officer

The story behind the stranger: Gareth was the very first stranger I approached. He was standing by the ticket barriers at Kings Cross Station as commuter after commuter rushed past him and he looked like he was having a hard day. It was there and then that I decided to set up #smilewithastranger, to champion people like Gareth and the hundreds of other strangers that go unnoticed every day. I had no real idea how it would work, or indeed if anyone would be happy to feature on my blog, but I knew I had to get it going. So understandably I was a little nervous approaching Gareth and he was a little taken aback, but once I explained my idea he was more than happy to get involved. As I noted his name on my phone and said my goodbyes he told me how happy he was that I had come over to him. He said he was ready to give up that day but that hearing my idea had cheered him up to no end. Keep up the good work Gareth!

I set up #smilewithastranger in order to celebrate brilliant people doing brilliant things and to champion those that go unnoticed. I take photos with people I meet, ask their name and job title (if relevant) and then post the selfies on my Instagram account.

Click here to meet the strangers, or here to read more about my idea.


Samantha x


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