With love

I was hurrying down the Strand this evening in London, heading to the station to catch my train home. A little way away I saw a homeless man crouched over his dog, doing something to his paw with what looked like an epi-pen. At first I felt sad, as it seemed as though the dog may have been poorly. But as I got closer, I realised it wasn’t any kind of medical tool, it was a red felt tip pen. The man was using the pen to colour in the underside of the dog’s paw while the dog lay patiently on the pavement. And then something amazing happened. Just as I walked by, the man pressed the dog’s paw firmly onto the inside of a card he had written, leaving a perfect red paw-print on the page. I didn’t quite catch the message, but I did see the words ‘with love’ at the bottom. People are good and kind and caring and no matter what you end up doing tomorrow know that someone, somewhere will receive a card ‘with love’ from a man and his dog.

Samantha x

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