“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”

– Roald Dahl

I absolutely love this quote! It has an element of childishness to it that never fails to make me smile and reflects the style and charm of this fabulous author. This week’s quote was inspired by the current adverts publicising the new BFG film soon to grace our TV screens. For those of you who have never read the BFG, I highly recommend you run down to your nearest book shop, buy a copy ASAP and lose yourself in the magical world of dreams and giants! But for now, I’ll run you through a little synopsis…

One night, Sophie is snatched from her bedroom in the orphanage by the BFG (the Big Friendly Giant) and taken to Giant Country. She is a little nervous at first but she soon realises the BFG is not scary at all, as his job is to collect and deliver dreams to sleeping children. One night, while out delivering dreams together, Sophie and the BFG are followed by a group of nasty giants. They quickly enlist the help of the Queen and generate a dream for her that introduces her to Sophie, the BFG and the man-eating giants. When she wakes, the Queen enlists the help of the armed forces and together, alongside Sophie and the BFG, they defeat the nasty giants.

The above quote, spoken by the very author of the tale, perfectly encapsulates the story and the message behind it. The BFG is certainly distrusted by many, but he thinks ‘good thoughts’ and therefore sets himself apart from the man-eating giants. It is this that Sophie sees and it is this that eventually allows him to protect everyone from the bad and destructive thoughts of his enemies. So, think bad thoughts and you’ll look like the nasty giants, think good thoughts and you’ll look like the kind, sweet-natured, gentle BFG.

I think what Roald Dahl was trying to tell us is that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what size you are, what clothes you wear, because it’s what’s inside that counts and if you think good thoughts you will always look lovely. So stop worrying about the things you haven’t done and start feeling proud of the things you have. Stop feeling guilty for treating yourself to an ice cream and instead enjoy every mouthful. Start doing whatever it is that you’ve only ever dreamt of and never got round to doing. Focus on the good things in life, not the bad and continue trying to share these with others. Make a fool of yourself, laugh until your sides hurt and start loving every minute of the time we have on this crazy planet, because the more good thoughts you think, the lovelier you’ll look! Maybe that way we’ll have more BFGs and less nasty-giants walking around.


Samantha x

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